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Logo Cap-VRF

Founded in 2009, Cap-VRF is common knowledge of three enginners in the fields of electronics and computer sciences. Its activities are centered on the following areas:


Cap-VRF developps, manufactures and sells professional electronic equipments, particularly for the following sectors:

  • Wood industries: the brand Pro-Detect established in 1968 sells electronic equipments for sawmills.
  • Archaeological research: this branch is finalizing development and will see its first products on the market very soon.

You can find more information about these activities on the product page.


Building on the experiences of its founders, the company devotes its efforts in R & D on the following topics:

  • Wireless sensors networks, secured, and very low power.
  • Traceability of high value wood species, based on RFID tags.

For its projects, Cap-VRF is supported by the Lower Normandy region (France) and the European Union. For more information, see section R&D.


Find all the skill areas of Cap-VRF made available as services:

  • Electronic systems
  • Micro-electronics
  • Information technologies
  • e-Business